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Welcome to Folk Mountain Gospel, the official web site for Don and Donna Mohl!! 

Latest News:
Our new book "The Adventures of Folk Mountain Gospel" has been sent to press and will be ready to purchase in mid-October 2019!!  We also have a new September 2019 newsletter that you can download.

You can e-mail us at the link below (If clicking on this link doesn't work, you can copy and paste it into your email address line, thank-you!!):


We have been traveling around the country since 1988, sharing the love of Jesus through song. We started in Texas, traveling with "The Master's Travelers" with our sons Daniel and David. From the Fall of 1989 to June of 2010 we were with "Simply His" (3 of those years our boys traveled with us). Now, after much prayer and encouragement from others, we continue on , just the 2 of us, as "Folk Mountain Gospel". The Lord continues to open doors and to direct us to continue sharing His message of love and grace in song, and our plan is to follow Him wherever He leads the way. We travel most weekends of the year, which allows us to continue our "day jobs" during the week (with longer trips 1-2 times a year as vacation time availability allows). Our music is a blend of “mountain” style and folk style gospel. We play traditional and Biblical instruments such as the Bowed Psaltery, Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, Mandolin, Zither, Guitar, and Harmonica. We also sing the good old hymns of faith, more recent gospel songs and some songs that our family has written related to family values, the grace of Jesus, our Savior, and the love of God. We appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support as we continue to travel for Him!! If you would like, we would appreciate you signing our guest book to let us know what you think of our web site and ministry. If you would like us to come and present a program for your church or group, just let us know, no group or venue is too small.

We are so glad you are browsing our web site!  You can check out our concert schedule (just click on the "Concert Schedule" tab above).  You can learn about our  CD and DVD products below and on our "products" page.  You can also learn about and see pictures of our Biblical custom-built, hand-crafted musical instruments on the "products" page.   You can also download order blanks for either the music items or the instruments from the "products" page. If you would like to hear an example of our music, you can go to the "Music" page and click on the song you would like to hear. If you would like to see the words to the songs on the CDs and DVD, you can find them on the "Song Words" page.

Good news!! We are now accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery credit or debit cards.  Please call us if you would like to order items with debit or credit.  Thank-you!!

These are our current CD and DVD projects, listed in order of release date:

"The Adventures of Folk Mountain Gospel"

This is our first book.  Many folks have asked us to put some of our stories/testimonies in a book.  It has finally become a reality!  Over the past 30 years we have had many wonderful adventures.   Our hope is that this book will be a blessing to you and will encourage you!!  To be released October 2019.  Included in the book is a free sample CD of our music.  You may download the order blank on our "products" page. 

Folk Mountain Gospel Hats

These hats come in several colors, be sure to check with us for available colors before ordering. 

Down Home Gospel Volume 2 CD

This is our NEWEST CD, it includes 16 songs: 12 that we sing (but we utilize all the Biblical instruments too) and 4 instrumentals.  This CD includes more of our favorite songs that others have recorded such as "The Wedding Day", "Hittin' The Road"", "It's Just A Matter of Time", and "Thanks Again", some old favorites such as "Whispering Hope", "Precious Memories", and "The Church In The Wildwood" along with some newer songs we have written (and co-written) such as  "Abide In Me", "I'll Never Forsake You", "The Lord Is My Encouragement", "Love 'Til It Hurts" and "Daddys Shoes".  (Released 2015)

Down Home Gospel Volume 1  CD  (Released 2014)

Down Home Gospel Volume 1 CD

This Children's CD which comes packaged in a coloring book,  "Pure In Heart" (Released 2012)

Pure In Heart CD

"A Folk Mountain Gospel Christmas" (Released 2012)

A Folk Mountain Gospel Christmas CD

  "Praise, Prayers & Promises"  our full-length DVD Project (running time 56:53) (Released 2011)

Praise, Prayers and Promises DVD

"Heavenly Strings--Ozark Mountain Style" CD (Released 2011)

Heavenly Strings--Ozark Mountain Style CD

"Wonderful Peace" CD (Released 2010)

Wonderful Peace CD

"Once and Again" CD (Released 2008)

Once and Again CD